BMW GS Safari to Tasmania in 2009

ImageThe annual BMW GS Safari heads south to Tasmania in March 2009


The annual BMW GS Safari heads south to Tasmania in March 2009 to take on some of Tasmania’s amazing riding, set amid eye-opening scenery.

Owners of all BMW Motorrad off-road machines are invited to attend this week-long extravaganza, where the engineering and design put into all BMW GS machines can be experienced to the full. BMW Motorrad now offers more GS models than ever before, so demand for the limited number of places available is expected to be intense.

The route takes in the most splendid of Tasmania scenery, through the west, south, east and north of the island, and starting with the registration ceremony on board the Spirit of Tasmania ferry on the night of Sunday 29 March. For BMW GS riders who would like to hone their off-road riding skills with the help of the renowned BMW Off-Road Riding Skills course expert instructors, a two day session will be held in Werribee immediately prior to the departure for Tasmania.

Once disembarked from the Ferry, the ride will be on in earnest. Concentration will be required by all as the tight, twisty, steep and sometimes slippery surfaces will keep riders up on their pegs and looking well ahead. The BMW GS Safari caters to off-road riders with a variety of skill levels, and for the ultra-keen and experienced riders there is a special but optional section mid-way through the event that will add another layer of spice and interest. This section is genuinely for hard-core off-road exponents only.

The BMW GS Safari provides five days of riding covering an average of 350 km per day. The ride is fully supported by a tyre crew, BMW technicians and the added luxury of a luggage van, so riders don’t need to be encumbered with all their luggage. The route is a closely guarded secret until the morning of each ride, but overnight accommodation information is provided in advance for attendees to organise their beds for each night. In 2009, there are two sets of two night stays in one place.

"The BMW GS Safari has been a hoot over the past few years. It’s a really challenging but enjoyable week of riding and experiencing our beautiful country in the raw," said Miles Davis, BMW Motorrad Australia Marketing Manager. "You really get to use the GS’s for what they are designed for. The scenery is amazing, and you see parts of the country that you could not experience any other way. The BMW GS Safari is also a great chance to meet other BMW owners and swap stories and relax in the company of like-minded people who really love their motorcycling. BMW GS Safari brings together people from all walks of life, at all stages in their life and with a wide variety of riding experience. While there is a special stage for the most experienced riders, this is optional, and riders with lower levels of experience will be able to enjoy the event to the full, as well as learn a few tricks and pick up some tips at the same time," Miles said.

For more information and a more detailed breakdown of each day’s riding, visit the website or contact the BMW Safari management team at Or call 02 9552 3600 during NSW business hours

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