Random Rides 2 – The Ruckus

Random Rides Number 2 – The Honda Ruckus.

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Random Ride 2 – The Ruckus

Random Rides Number 2 is not just one ride, it was a whole crowd of them. Whilst visiting the huge Chaparral Motorsports store in Southern California, a group of Honda Ruckuses (Rucki?) arrived en masse.

Not standard Ruckuses either, all stretched out, stripped and lowered in some kind of hat-tip to drag racing style. This one has had what little bodywork they do have ditched. Check out that rear wheel.

And to think we get a ticket here for shortening the rear guard!

The Honda Ruckus is a “bare frame” design scooter sold mainly in Japan and the USA, although you can spot the odd one in Australia.

If you are into scooters check out our pictorial from the Petersen museum, there’s another stretched Ruckus there as well.


A standard Honda Ruckus scooter. 49cc electric start, liquid cooled 4 stroke, pumping out an arm-stretching 3kw.

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