Ebay Ad of the Week – Automatic 1983 GS450 Suzuki

ebay-ad-of-the-week-gsEbay Ad of the Week – 1983 Suzuki GS450 with Automatic transmission.

2 speed Auto GS450 Suzuki

This is a bike not seen much in Australia, a 1983 GS450 Suzuki, or a GSX as it would have been called here. Not any old GS450 though, back in the 80’s there was a bit of a run on automatic transmissions on bikes, this being one of the factory efforts.

Strictly speaking, it’s not an automatic, it is a two speed gearbox, you can leave it either gear 1 or 2, but it has a torque converter instead of a clutch. This actually works quite well, unless you have some type of sports riding in mind. For commuting though, and for non motorcyclists, it works pretty well.  The effect is pretty close to an auto clutch scooter or mini bike. The GS450 Auto also had a shaft drive, and instead of a tacho, a gear indicator, 1…or 2.

This particular example is resplendant in a Vetter fairing, with the most awesome set of top box and panniers you will ever seen on any motorcycle. The 80s are renowned for great style, and this is no exception. This beauty also has an airhorn to let people know you’re coming. Located in New Jersey, USA, the owner is looking for 4000 dollars according to the ad. A Google search reveals a few of these for sale at varying prices.


Ebay Link to ad

Here’s an unrelated video of a GS450 auto, which includes a proud, but helmetless owner parading the automatic performance.


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