Ebay Ad of the Week – Chopped KZ1000 Police Bike

Kawasaki-Police-chopper-sEbay Ad of the Week  – 1977 KZ1000 Kawasaki LAPD Police Bike Chopper.


LAPD Chopper on Ebay

In a sea of  same- same Harley based specials, this is a creative approach to a custom bike. Currently listed on Ebay Motors in the USA -where else – this unique looking bike was built from a genuine LAPD police cruiser.

Whilst retaining its CHIPs heritage, the bike features a custom made frame, tanks and battery box, and runs a rear leafspring suspension. According the the ad, the lights are operational, but must be covered for legal reasons whilst riding. The siren has been retained as well

A very creative build indeed.

Link to Ebay Auction: KZ1000 Police Chopper on Ebay


Bonus videos of the machine in motion.



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