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ImageCDR Rockstar Yamaha talk about Jay Marmonts Aus Championship win.

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CDR Rockstar Yamaha Australian Champions.

Last October former Mr Motocross and respected team-owner Craig Dack sat down and created a plan and yesterday that blueprint for the future proved to be worth its weight in gold when CDR Rockstar Yamaha and Jay Marmont won the 2008 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals at Coolum in Queensland. As Marmont took the title it was his team-mate, Cheyne Boyd who claimed the round victory with the YZ450F rider recording the perfect score of 50 after being the first to cross the chequered flag for the two races.

At the start of the opening moto Marmont had a 38 point lead in the series and after falling on the first lap, the CDR Rockstar Yamaha rider clawed his way through the field to finish to finish in 12th position. The points awarded for the finish provided Marmont with an unbeatable lead in the series. As his team-mate made sure his title was in the bag, Boyd forged ahead and dominated the moto and after taking the lead early in the race maintained his speed throughout the 30 minute contest to be the first rider home.

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In the second race, Boyd continued with his stellar form with Marmont backing his team-mate up to ensure that the CDR Rockstar Yamaha duo finished the final race of the motocross season in the top two positions. Marmont was fifth overall for the round. Despite being a multiple Supercross Champion, the victory is Marmont’s first motocross title and the first seized by Craig Dack’s team since 2004 when New Zealander, Darryll King collected the coveted silverware for the blue brigade.

“It feels great that it has all finally come together and now reality is starting to set in that I have actually won the Australian Motocross Championship,” an elated Marmont said after clinching the coveted title. “It did get a bit rough out there today and after the start I was mixed up with all the riders who could and did bring me down, however I just put my head down during the race and focused on that championship victory. It’s my first outdoor championship and motocross has always been something I have struggled in but with the help of the CDR Rockstar Yamaha team we have absolutely dominated the competition between myself and my team-mate Cheyne Boyd.”

Boyd, who struggled with injury at the start of the season, said the round victory was the perfect way to finish the motocross season. “I got the Holeshot in the first moto and from there just led the race from start to finish. I just focused on conserving my energy and making it home to the finish line in first position,” said Boyd who also recorded the fastest time in qualifying. “I got a good start in the second moto and was towards the front of the field and from there I just put my head down and battled with Jay . I concentrated on not making any mistakes and I didn’t and was just totally pumped to claim the race and round victory. “It was only when I crossed the finish line that I found out about being third in the championship and that was a huge bonus".

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We thought it could happen before the round as 13 points is not a huge margin but my number one goal was to go out there to win each moto and it all worked out in the end. The bike was awesome throughout the year and even yesterday when the track got really gnarly it is so much easier when you have the bike behind you to handle the conditions.”

CDR Rockstar Yamaha Team Principal Craig Dack said the decision to focus on two experienced riders has paid dividends for the team which has previously won multiple Australian motocross titles.

“Jay showed the true form of a champion and after getting a bad start he got caught up with the back markers and crashed. Some of the guys hit him causing muffler damage and it was very tense watching him pick his way through the field and just hoping the damaged bike would make the distance,” Dack said. “I am really relieved to have this championship under our belt. We started this program way back in October last year and it has been fantastic to watch it all come together throughout the series. I really wanted to make this championship ours, not only for the sake of the team but also to help Jay realise his dream of a holding a motocross title.

“As a team owner there is nothing more rewarding than seeing both of your riders dominating their competition and it was really satisfying to see Cheyne Boyd at the top of the podium for the round. It was a great to finish the season in first and third and it is a real testament to Boyd to see him bounce back from the start of the season."

CDR Rockstar Yamaha will now turn their focus to the 2008 Australasian Supercross Championship [Super X] where the team will strive for the elusive double. The series commences in Perth on Saturday October 4 2008.

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