What’s In Your Bum?

Bum bag

Your bum bag, that is.  The main pic here is the contents of our bum bag just unloaded onto the bench.  But, how much of it is used and how much is precautionary, and, does it matter anyway?  Why not just ride out knowing that you've prepared your bike better than Jeremy Burgess prepares Valentino Rossi's MotoGP bike?

bum bag 

So what is all that crap in the bag?  Here it is tidied up a bit so you can get an idea.  How much of that stuff have we used out on the trail?  Here's a short list just from the memory banks:

Tyre levers
All spanners except 17mm
Cable Ties
Tyre gauge
Spoke spanner
Spare spark plug
Fuel hose
All allen keys
KTM Tee handle and all sockets

Now, not all that stuff has been used on our long term KTM, but often to help out others who's bikes have let them down due to either poor maintenance or a crash.

So there you go, go out prepared and you're a better chance to get back to the cars yourself.  You also might get a few beers in return for helping out your less prepared mate.

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