Sidi Flexforce Boots

Flexforce Boots

Motoaus have been testing the Flexforce for nearly 1000kms of bush bashing. They have been beaten, crashed, pressure washed, not washed and chucked in the back of the ute for a rainy trip home. The first thing you notice about these boots is how comfortable they are straight out of the box. The hinge system really works and almost completely negates the break in process required for most boots.





As with all boots, they only get better with wear, and after 1000 clicks, they are better than ever. They do come in towards the upper end of the price range at nearly $500, but you can’t put a price on good boots. One minor issue was that we lost a screw out of one of the calf plates on the first ride. We’d recommend that you loc-tite them during first adjustment. Another thing we found that was lubing the hinges really helps them work better and doesn’t cause them to open unexpectedly.

A good boot, go and get ’em.

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