Ebay Ad OTW – Diesel converted XS650

yam-diesel-sEbay Ad of the Week – A machine that combines the best of both worlds, the sporting prowess of an 83 XS650 Yamaha, with the power of a single cylinder diesel.

Diesel powered XS650 Yamaha

While most of us would struggle to think of ways to improve Yamaha’s 1983 twin 650 “XS” – not so this mileage concious seller from Alabama. Carefully melding the race bred Yamaha chassis with a 10 horsepower single cylinder Changfa diesel powerplant, the result is capable of cruising at 50mph.

The Changfa mill is electric start at least, it’s 20:1 compresion might make for a kickstart nightmare, and the addition of a torque converter means there are no gears, or gearshifts needed.


Would love to hear this one running. Here’s the link to the Ebay ad

UPDATED: Actually, you can hear a similar motor, around 2:25 the rumble starts.


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