Chaparral Motorsports – SuperSize Me Motorcycle Store

We visit the absolutely hu-uuge Chaparral Motorsports motorcycle and accessory store in California.


Chaparral Motorsports Superstore – USA

Everything in the USA is big. The drink sizes at McDonalds, the deficit, and even the motorcycle shops.

On a recent trip to California, we stopped in for a quick look at the daddy of all California motorcycle shops, Chaparral Motorsports. If that name sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve seen them online selling parts, or maybe you remember Jeremy McGrath winning a few Supercross titles on the Chapparal Yamaha back in the 90’s.

The Chaparral shop has been around a while, and these days it covers over 150,000 square Merican feet at the massive San Bernadino location. Thats 14,000 square metres, or around 20 times larger than your average Aussie store. Apparently there’s a lot more space used for storage and workshop as well.


Chaparral are a multi brand dealer, selling a large number of competing brands out of the same huge showroom, something not seen here in Australia. Brands sold include all four major Japanese, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, along with Victory, KTM, Can-Am and Kymco.

Moving past the the huge showroom of new and used bikes, you find an even bigger area stocked full of every imaginable motorcycle accessory, part or riding gear. Types of gear are dived into sections, road gear, motocross gear, a separate room for helmets only, a large oil and lubricants section, and a huge tyre – sorry – tire department as well.


While I wasn’t staggered by low prices, – I guess someones got to pay for all that space – the sheer range of goods on offer was truly remarkable. There seemed to be a decent amount of gear on sale, and a whole lot of brands and accessories you won’t see here in Aus.

If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, it is well worth a visit, the Chaparral store is located a fair way inland, just off the 215 freeway in San Bernadino, about 100kms from LAX. Or 80kms from Disneyland if that’s where you’ve been forced to go.





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