Pirelli iPhone App measures your performance

pirelli-iphone-app-sPirelli have a free iPhone App for measuring motorcycle telemetry including lean angles and lap times. pirelli-iphone-app

Free Pirelli iPhone4 Data Log App

Pirelli are giving away an iPhone app that measures your riding performance. Using the iPhone’s inbuilt GPS and other electronics, the “Super Biker” App works like a data logger and a transponder all in one.

To collect this kind of information would have involved sophisticated on-board electronics – and thousands of dollars – only a few years ago.

You can now download this for free, and assuming you have an iPhone4 with OS 4.2 or later, you can record such thngs as lean angles, lap times, and speed.

As we do in fact have those items, as well as a Camzilla iPhone mount, we will shortly give it a go and report on the results.


Pirelli Super Biker iPhone App Features:

A choice between road or track mode

Bike telemetry data recording

Lean angle measured using GPS tracking technology

Measure your speed, distance and lap times during track sessions

Display recorded sessions via Google Maps

Share your favorite rides via Facebook

Available on Apple’s App Store

Or, for more information, please visit www.pirelli.com

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