Ezy2Wheel – Easy to Wheel

ezy2wheel-bike-stand-sThe Ezy2wheel is a clever device that makes moving a bike around in a garage ezy – easy.

Ezy2wheel Sidestand Mover

We received an interesting – but simple- new product to trial recently. The Ezy2wheel is a small wheeled device you put under the side-stand of a motorcycle to enable easy manoeuvring in the garage. We gave it to Rebecca to try out, here’s how that worked out:

Struggle shifting your bike around in the shed? Worried about toppling your bike off the sidestand or is your bad back making the manoeuvre  painful? Then the Ezy2wheel may be just what the doctor ordered. This new gadget is simple and easy to use and takes the grunt work out of shifting your motorcycle.


Designed to use under the sidestand of your motorcycle, this Australian invention is compact and easy to use. Weighing less than 1.5kg, the Ezy2wheel requires only one person, and no modification for use on your motorcycle. Just place the sidestand of the bike into the slot between the four wheels of the Ezy2wheel, which then acts like a 3rd wheel. The four little rollers manoeuvre independently and the bike may be wheeled about without having to hold the weight or balance the bike.

Being such a delicate petal, I decided to put it to the test myself. As the garage is always crammed with bikes, bits of bikes and all manner of junk, the space is small and confined. True to its claim, the Ezy2wheel was easy to wheel into place under the sidestand and made the usually tentative job of shifting a tall awkward bike more like a ballet move.


I’m sure many of the fairer sex would find the Ezy2wheel a breath of fresh air as moving a bike in the shed can be a daunting. Similarly, the hulking mass and weight of some bikes can make the job of moving them about in the garage an arduous task and a 3 point turn becomes a 10 point fail.

Shifting a bike with a bad back can exacerbate the problem. The device is small and inconspicuous and can easily live in your shed or under the sidestand of your bike.  Another use Рfrom personal experience Рcould be in a dealers showroom, where lots of bikes need to be juggled around in close proximity.

It is designed to roll on smooth surfaces only, so if you have a rough pitted surface in your shed or a dirt floor, the Ezy2wheel isn’t for you.

RRP on the Ezy2wheel is $54 plus delivery as of August ’11. To order from outside Australia, check the website for shipping costs.

For more information, go to ezy2wheel.com.au or email Keith & Kaye Mitchell on ezy2wheel@gmail.com

Video below from the makers of the Ezy2wheel, showing it’s use.


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