History – ANDRA Nationals Winners

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Nationals Winners  ANDRA Drag Racing

Competition Bike 1981-2006

Year Rider State Bike Class
2006 Ross Lemburg Qld Suzuki B/CB
2005 Rained Out
2004 Damian Densmore Qld Suzuki
2003* John Parker Qld Harley
2003 John Adin Qld Kawasaki
2002 Daniel Peatey Qld Suzuki
2001 John Parker Qld Harley
2000 Not Contested
1999 Perry Mackie SA Harley
1998 Mick Sargent WA Kawasaki
1997 Danny Grotto SA Harley
1996 Paul Andrews Vic Suzuki
1995 Rhett Lougheed Qld Kawasaki C/SB
1994 Andrew Wilson Vic Suzuki A/SB
1993 Lou Cotter WA Kawasaki
1992 Lou Cotter WA Kawasaki
1991 Andrew Wilson Vic Suzuki A/SB
1990 Andrew Wilson Tas Suzuki A/SB
1989 John Henderson NSW Yamaha
1988 Lou Cotter WA Kawasaki B/SB
1986 Ashley Taylor Qld Kawasaki
1985 Gavin Spann Qld Suzuki S/SB
1984 David Millington Vic Yamaha
1983 Rained Out
1981 Alan McCullagh Qld Kawasaki

* Both the 37th and 38th Nationals were held in the calendar year of 2003.

Other notes:

You have to go back to 1999 before anyone other than a Queenslander has won.

Despite being the most populous state, NSW has managed only one winner in the past 30 years.

2 riders, WA’s Lou Cotter and ex Tasmanian Andrew Wilson have won 3 each, all of Wilsons on a street bike.

Anyone with information about winners in any of these classes please email dave@motoaus.com

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