2008 Yamaha Race Team Lineup

Yamaha supersport superbikeThe Yamaha Racing Team (YRT) will welcome one of the country’s leading young guns, Bryan Staring, to its lineup to contest the 2008 season.

 Yamaha supersport superbike 2008

The Yamaha Racing Team (YRT) will welcome one of the country’s leading young guns to its lineup to contest the 2008 season in an effort to secure a hat-trick of titles in the Superbike and Supersport classes.

bryan staring yamaha 2008 20-year-old Bryan Staring is the newest addition to the team that has dominated road racing in Australia for the past two seasons, joining forces with Jeremy Crowe and Jamie Stauffer in the Supersport class aboard Yamaha’s new R6. Staring was the 2004 125GP champion and runner-up in the 2005 Supersport Privateer’s cup and has joined forces with YRT to strengthen his shot at the 600cc class trophy.

“I’m really excited about joining the team for the 2008 season, they are the most successful out there and I’ve found myself fitting in very well with everyone,” said Staring. “I’ve had a few opportunities to test the R6, including yesterday’s test at Eastern Creek, and the bike is incredible. It’s been a smooth transition and I hope to be competitive straight out of the box. I don’t feel I’ll need any time to adjust once we hit the racetrack for the first round, the setup is already spot on and I feel I can only get better. It should be a fantastic season, I can’t wait!”

jamie stauffer yamaha 2008 And while the R6 dominated in the Supersport class, its bigger brother – the R1 – ripped up the racetrack in a hotly-contested Superbike showdown. Jamie Stauffer’s dominance was highlighted as he wrapped up proceedings a round early to claim his second Superbike crown in a row with Yamaha. He is looking forward to continued success when the 2008 season, which features a largely unchanged calendar, gets underway in February.

“We’re aiming to hit the ground running in 2008 and have already got a good setup in place with the R1, as well as the R6,” said Stauffer. “The ultimate goal is a hat-track of championships in the Superbike class – we’ve got the resources and a great crew, so its definitely possible.”

dan stauffer 2008 Yamaha There was no mistaking Dan Stauffer’s return to form in 2007, with controlled and consistent performances netting him a close equal-second in the points standings. Only a countback relegated him to third overall, and he is eyeing the top spots of the podium with more determination than ever in 2008.

“It’s been a standout season and in some ways disappointing to finish third after such a strong run, I’m aiming for the top spot in 2008!” said Stauffer. “The team and the bikes are as good as ever, so its down to us now to work hard and continue the good results for Yamaha.”

Jeremy Crowe 2008 Yamaha Jeremy Crowe was the team’s quiet achiever in 2007. A constant contender for race and round wins in the Supersport class, he is back in 2008 with renewed desire for success.

“With a full season of competition behind me on the factory R6 I feel very confident about the new year,” said Crowe. “The dedication shown by the team has won them two straight titles and I am looking forward to helping them continue this run in 2008.”

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