Kevin Curtain 7 from 8 at 2010 Winton FX final

curtain-2010fx-final-sKevin Curtain wins 7 from 8 at the 2010 Australasian FX Superbike Championships held at Winton


Curtain and Yamaha Dominate Winton FX

The final event of the year saw the Yamaha team finish the 2010 Australasian FX Superbike season in top form, taking a 1-2 result in both the championship FX 600cc and the head-lining FX1000cc Superbike class.

Kevin Curtain won seven out of the eight races he contested over the weekend, taking home the win in both 600cc and 1000cc classes.

Curtain made a clean sweep of four from four in the 600cc class, taking some hard fought race wins against young team mate Rick Olson. But the real interest of the weekend was how the regular FX riders would compare against the ASBK talent of Craig Coxhell, Daniel Stauffer and Glenn Allerton in the 1000cc Superbike division.

Curtain answered that question when he raced away for the opening three race wins before settling for second place in the final race of the day behind guest Yamaha rider Allerton.

YRT had offered a guest ride to Glenn Allerton for the weekend on board the R1 in the 1000cc class. With limited track and test time, Allerton repaid the favour, nailing second place on the day, highlighted by the race win in the final event of the day.

allerton-yamaha Glenn Allerton

Rick Olson overcame a heavy fall in Friday’s practice to bounce back and take second overall in the FX600cc class. Olson took it up to Curtain in three out of the four legs, but his best ride of the weekend came after he fell in race two and charged from the rear of the field to finish sixth.

Pat Medcalf again produced a solid and consistent round on his way to fifth overall in the 1000cc Superbike class. He finished every race inside the top six and was challenging for a podium position in every race.

“It was a great day for the team,” commented YRT manager John Redding. “All four riders acquitted themselves well and the results were exactly what we were hoping for. Kevin continues to amaze us with his ability to step up and race at any level and to win both classes the way he did is almost trademark Curtain these days.”


FX 600cc Results

Rider Manufacturer Results Points
1st Kevin Curtain Yamaha 1-1-1-1 100points
2nd Rick Olson Yamaha 2-6-2-2 81points
3rd Adrian Nestorovic Kawasaki 4-2-3-4 78points
4th Josh Hook Honda 5-3-5-3 72points
5th Ben Gotch Honda 3-4-4-5 72points
6th Colin Lewis Suzuki 6-5-6-6 61points
7th Adrian Fitzpatrick Honda 7-9-8-7 53points
8th Liam Wilkinson Kawasaki 10-7-7-8 52points
9th Will Clarke Yamaha 11-8-10-10 45points
10th Mitch Wolfe Honda 8-10-11-11 44points

1000cc Superbike Results

Rider Manufacturer Results Points
1st Kevin Curtain Yamaha 1-1-1-2 97points
2nd Glenn Allerton Yamaha 3-2-2-1 89points
3rd Craig Coxhell BMW 2-5-3-3 78points
4th Cole Odendaal Honda 6-4-5-5 65points
5th Pat Medcalf Yamaha 5-6-4-6 64points
6th Daniel Stauffer Honda 4-3-0-4 56points
7th Matt Thornton Yamaha 8-7-6-7 56points
8th Matthew Medcalf Suzuki 10-8-7-7 51points
9th Max Jordan Kawasaki 11-9-8-0 35points
10th Brayden Carr 7 14 points

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