Leminz 2009 24 hours of Scooter Hell

3 girls, 1 scooter and 24 hours. Motoaus feature on the LeMinz.

Finally, Motoaus brings you the story of the 2009 LeMinz Scooterthon.

3 girls, 1 PMX Naked and 24 hours of rain, sun, darkness, and crashing. For the first time this is presented in a widescreen magazine format, a preview of bigger things to come for Motoaus.com. The LeMinz is a 24 hour endurance test for 50cc scooters, held each year as a precursor to the Australian Motorcycle Expo, and in 2009, the Australian Scooter Festival, held on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

There are 3 classes of scooters, A, for stock speed limited to 50 km/h scoots, B, for stock 50cc scooters with the limiters removed, and C, any modifications permitted. We entered a stock derestricted 50cc PGO PMX Naked, with a team of 3 girls riding. For more background on the riders, see this link about the girls, and for a picture gallery of the Leminz 2009 click here.

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Motoaus.com LeMinz 24 Hour Scooterthon “3 Girls” Feature


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