Suzuki Sponsors Racesafe


Suzuki Motorcycles are proud to announce their naming rights sponsorship of RACESAFE, the official Medical & Safety Service for the 2007 Australian Superbike Championship.


RACESAFE are Australia's largest specialised motorsport safety service and the only organisation providing a full range of racetrack emergency services.


For over 10 years, RACESAFE have provided services to a range of two and four wheel events around the country, including the entire Australian Superbike Championship.


Their highly specialised team includes trauma doctors and surgeons, paramedics, nurses, fire & rescue/safety crews and recovery teams, all with a common personal interest in motorsport.


"RACESAFE provide an invaluable service to Australian motorsport and Suzuki Motorcycles Australia is pleased to be supporting their efforts in 2007," Glyn Griffiths, National Marketing Manager – Motorcycles, Suzuki Australia said.


"Every rider knows that there are risks when they go onto the track, so to have the experience and expertise that RACESAFE possess on hand is essential in making our sport as safe as possible."


"Suzuki Australia is proud of our involvement in Australian motorcycle racing; the Suzuki Rider Support program has supported privateer riders from across the country, and now our involvement with RACESAFE allows us to help provide a safer racing environment."


Team Yoshimura Suzuki rider and three-time Australian Superbike Champion Shawn Giles got a first-hand demonstration of RACESAFE's capabilities last year, after a heavy crash at Barbagallo Raceway in the Australian Superbike Championship.


"RACESAFE play a major part in the safety of Australian Superbike Championship rounds and all the riders appreciate their efforts enormously," Giles said.


"I would rather not have found out how good RACESAFE are at Barbagallo, but their treatment was first class and a major part in the speed of my recovery."


The Suzuki RACESAFE team will continue to be dedicated to the continual improvement of Motorsport emergency services.


"Without Suzuki's help the Suzuki RACESAFE Team would simply not be able to make it to the track," Simon Maas, RACESAFE's Chief of Emergency Services, explained.


"Along with our elite team of doctors, paramedics, and emergency nurses who all take time away from their professional jobs in hospitals and ambulance services to provide their expertise and volunteer their time to the sport they love, it allows us to provide help to all riders from the newest rider to the biggest star."


The 2007 Australian Superbike Championship commences this weekend at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway.

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