2011 Yamaha R1 – Ghostly Skull Edition

2011-r1-skull-sForget your race reps like the Rossi, the 2011 R1 about to be released- at least in the USA – has a tribal/skull/flame paint job for maximum street cred. 

This is one of the new paint schemes available on the 2011 R1 Yamaha announced by Yamaha US. It is unclear as to what paint schemes will be set for Australian markets, the others bound for the USA are a nice all black, and a blue/white.

But it is this scheme that will draw the most attention on the new model, complete with most cliches it features screaming wraith-like skulls, tribal tattooish art, and some flames thrown in to the mix. It’s really a pity there is no howlng wolf.

The 2011 model appears to be unchanged apart from the paint, and perhaps a small price rise. The R6 also has a similar, but different, red scheme.

What do you think of the scheme, do you like it? Would you buy a motorcycle with this type of paint?

Let us know in the comments below.

Images from Yamaha USA


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