2014 Suzuki Hayabusa in Australia – Includes Limited Edition


2014 Suzuki Hayabusa

The 2014 version of Suzuki’s evergreen Hayabusa has arrived in Australia. Sporting new paint and graphics, the 2014 is available in a tasteful blue/silver – named Pearl Vigor Blue/Pearl Glacier White by Suzuki.  The ’14 Hayabusa will also be available in  a limited edition red/black version.

The Limited Edition red version, otherwise known as Candy Daring Red/Glass Sparkle Black, will be limited in Australia to 25 units only.

In addition to the red/black scheme, the Limited Busa gets:

  • Special colour scheme in red/black, with special graphics.
  • Front calipers have black colouring and red “Brembo” lettering.
  • Red pin-striping on wheels.
  • Two-tone red and black-coloured seat with special design.
  • Matte black-coloured pillion footrest.
  • Dark gold-anodized chain adjuster, front fork outer tube, front fork adjuster, front fork cap, steering stem nut.See your local Suzuki dealer for more details.limited-edition--hayabusa2014-blue-hayabusa2014-busa-red-side2014-red-limited-busa-rear


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