Honda CT110 Hits 35000

ct110 HondaIf one were to  guess as to the best selling motorcycle of the past ten years, Honda’s humble CT110 Postie Bike may not be the first to come to mind.

 ct110 Honda

If one were to hazard a guess as to the best selling, best performing and most useful motorcycle of the past ten years, Honda’s humble CT110 Postie Bike may not be the first to come to mind.

However, there is no disputing the longevity and reliability of this amazing machine. Over the past 15 years, Honda has sold around 35,000 units, leading to a consistent top spot on the Australian retail charts for its segment. In addition to being the powerhouse for many unusual fundraising ride activities, the bike also has an iconic following through numerous enthusiasts clubs whose members tend to test the little machines to their absolute limits.

Some race the miniature Trojans whilst others, such as the "Desert Storming Posties", take their auction-bought machines on outback adventures that would be tough enough to accomplish on a ‘real’ motorcycle. "We thought it was time we made a statement about the bike that we feel is a deserving recipient of the Bike of the Decade Award; well if there was one of course!," said Honda’s General Manager of Motorcycles Tony Hinton. "I really don’t think there is a comparable machine around today that could boast not only the history, but also the years of reliability that the CT110 can."

ct110 Honda

Honda has also had the privilege of being the training provider for postmen and women for over a decade. Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) has trained approximately 3500 posties every year since 1999 totaling over 30,000 nationally.

"There is a reason that we have had such a long association with Honda and the CT110," said Australia Post’s Brendan Boyd, Unit Manager, Network Distribution National Logistics Group. "It is clearly a machine that can handle the purpose for which it was built including the loads, constant use, and climatic conditions that we subject it to."

"I think it is very deserving of a ‘bike of the decade’ award if there were such a thing!"

The "X" model as used by Australia Post is the result of years of continuous development and millions of hours of operation. The 4-stroke engine is extremely reliable, very low maintenance and simple to service. A convenient heel toe shifter and automatic centrifugal clutch, plus a wet sump oil system also make it ultra-easy for maintenance.

"The CT110 has become somewhat of an Australian icon and we are very proud to have played a part in making that bit of history for this country," Hinton said. "We look forward to the Postie Bike being in operation for many more years."

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