Kawasaki W800 Special Edition

kawasaki-w800-special-edition-sKawasaki Japan have a Special Edition W800 in Black and Gold.

Kawasaki W800 Special Edition

There are always plenty of models that don’t make our local market, but perhaps should. This might be one of them. The retro styled Kawasaki W800 is available in Japan in a Special Edition model, blacked out with gold rims. A similar idea to Triumph’s successful Thruxton cafe inspired Bonneville.

Also shown below are some accessories to further “Cafe Style” your W800, a bikini fairing and a cafe race seat. From the look of the Japanese Kawasaki website, this is not a Cafe Style model, but rather the name of the accessories.


There are also a couple of videos for the W800 floating around, the first one below is a simple walkaround of the Special Edition, the second a more arty Japanese promo for the W800 that we bring to you shortly. We asked Kawasaki Australia if the model will be released in Australia, but at this point in time it isn’t planned.

Still, nothing a can of flat black and a rim lacing job couldn’t fix.


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