Lowered seat height for BMW

Image BMW solves the problem of your stumpiness. Lower seat, or longer legs, you choose.

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Lowered seat Height for BMW

Not all of us are born with legs long enough to enable standing up in the deep end of a swimming pool.

If you would like to swing a leg over a BMW but have found the seat height a little too imposing, you can now order a lowered suspension option across a wide range of models that improves comfort behind the bars.

The Lowered Suspension option costs around $250 and suits both the F 800 range of motorcycles as well as the R Series Boxer twins. The seat height reduction is as much as 55 mm (depending on model), with some of the reduction achieved with a lower profile seat cushion and some with a shorter suspension set up.

The BMW F 800 ST comes with a shorter rear shock and front forks which have been lowered through the yokes. Boxer models, such as the R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS, achieve the lowering by adding a shorter strut to the front and rear shocks. The package is available as an option and must be installed at the factory. The lowered riding height gives more confidence when aboard, perhaps allowing you to have both feet on the ground when stopped, for example at traffic lights or manoeuvring when parking.

"BMW Motorrad focuses on engineering that offers the ultimate in motorcycle design. Models and options that continue to improve rider safety and enjoyment are a paramount consideration. Our extensive range of lowered suspension models means we can offer the BMW experience to a wider cross-section of riders," said Miles Davis, Marketing Manager of BMW Motorrad Australia and New Zealand.

The factory fitted seat and ride height lowering is as follows:

Seat height with lowering as optional extra
Lowest seat height to date
R 1200 R
750 mm
770 mm
R 1200 GS
790 mm
820 mm
R 1200 RT
750 mm
780 mm
F 800 S/ST
760 mm
815 mm
F 650 GS (new)
765 mm
790 m

lowered bmw seat height


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