Victory Highball

Victory-Highball-sThe Victory Highball. It’s new. It’s bad-ass. Or bad arse if you are an Aussie. Victory-Highball

Victory High Ball

Normally any press release that used the words “Bad ass” wouldn’t see the light of day here. But we are going to overlook that term used in the press release from Victory for their new High Ball model.

Firstly because they also sent us a set of really great looking set of pics, secondly because it’s a fine looking motorcycle, and third, well, being matt black, it IS kind of bad ass.


The Highball is promoted as a custom cruiser, and it wears the popular “bobber” influenced look.  Powered by Victory’s 106 cube V Twin, the High Ball is most distintintive with those huge – for a production bike- high rise bars.

The bars can be set upright, or swept back on a lower setting. Whitewall tyres on 16″ rims, a white coved tank, and plenty of blacked out parts completes the look.

We have also created a gallery set of the really attractive set of photos Victory sent for the Highball in a large size, they really are indicative of how much effort Victory put into the marketing of their bikes. Check the pictorial section of this site for the VICTORY HIGH BALL IMAGES here

For more information see your local Victory dealer, which includes the brand new super-store opened in Sydney last week.

Scroll down for detailed specs on the Highball.






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