2011 Honda CRF450R

2011-honda-crf450r-sThe 2011 Honda CRF450R motocrosser is due to be released late November, featuring suspension and other upgrades.


2011 CRF450R Honda


The 2011 Honda CRF450R will have upgrades including new suspension, an improved steering damper, redesigned fuel pump and exhaust system, and improvements to the fuel injection.

The CRF450R’s rear suspension has been given a new linkage to help with handling and tracking, and a more balanced suspension performance, whilst the fully adjustable Pro-Link rear suspension sports an exclusive KYB integrated reservoir, and a large rear shock damper for improved suspension action under the toughest riding conditions.

The Kayaba front suspension features a sophisticated inverted Air-Oil Separated (AOS) system with an exclusive Honda 48mm-diameter fork, and adjustability for rebound and compression damping. The new settings are matched up to the new rear suspension.


Honda has also taken the revolutionary HPSD (steering damper) and made it even better by giving it a bigger 24mm piston for less distortion over braking bumps. Ultimately, the rider gets more damping when needed, offering confident high speed stability, secure cornering and less rider fatigue.

For 2011 there is a new throttle body and new ECU programming for crisper throttle control and easier starting. To conform to FIM testing methods, the CRF450R also has a new exhaust system fitted that works in conjunction with the airbox and new FI settings.

The CRF450R will be available from Honda dealers nationally in late November.



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