Ad of the Week – The Aardvark

Ad of the Week – A “special” Mach 4 750 Kawasaki Custom

Aardvark of the Week

Ad of the Week – A rare and desirable 1975 Kawasaki Mach IV 750 triple two stroker, which has been treated to a makeover that make the “TurboCycles” out of Battlestar Gallactica look good (Google it if you don’t believe me).

Purchased in the USA, and now offered on Ebay in the UK, the “Aardvark” runs a set of tasteful white expansion chambers, and a later model GSX Suzuki set of wheels to offset the attractive pop up headlight “nose”

Get in quick, the auction closes in a couple of days! (Update: It sold for 2500 pounds – around $3700 dollars)

Ebay Link


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