Crusty Demons Night of World Records

Crusty Demons Night of World RecordsModern day Evel Knievel’s will attempt to take his feats to a whole new level and conquer the phenomenal distance of 300 feet at the Crusty Demons Night of World Records.

 Crusty Demons Night of World Records

In the 1970’s Evel Knievel attempted the world’s longest distance two-wheeled motorcycle jump of 146 feet. The world watched in awe as he did what seemed impossible and defied the rules of gravity. Now the world will be astonished once more, as three modern day Evel Knievel’s attempt to take his feat to a whole new level and conquer the phenomenal distance of 300 feet.

America’s Seth Enslow, Ryan Capes and Australia’s Robbie Maddison share the fierce obsession and passion to claim this extreme sports accolade as their own. This will now become a reality for one of them, as the trio will battle it out for the world’s most death defying Guinness World Record when Rockstar Energy Drink presents the Crusty Demons Night of World Records at Calder Park Raceway on Saturday 29 March 2008.

At the first Crusty Demons Night of World Records in 2005, Trigger Gum set the official world record for the longest jump on a two-wheeled motorcycle with a staggering jump of 277 feet. In March that record is set to be smashed with Ryan Capes already unofficially eclipsing this figure and Enslow and Maddison stating their intentions to take their place in history.

Six months out from the event the form guide is almost even, but with more than 20 years experience to his credit, America’s wild boy of freestyle motocross, Enslow, has a slight advantage over compatriot Capes and the showman of Australian freestyle motocross, Maddison. “This is probably my last chance to claim the world record, I’m ready for this. I’m coming to Australia to put my body and life on the line, it’s my time,” Enslow said.

Industry insiders say this is a big call from the legend of the Crusty Demons whose injury list includes breaking almost every bone imaginable including his skull which now houses three permanent titanium plates. Maddison on the other hand believes that the record can be his and with more than 20 broken bones along the way (including a fractured C2 vertebrae) holds no fear in putting his body on the line. “I’m ready to step up to the big one,” said Maddison. “I already own two world records including the longest 125cc long distance jump so I know I will be close. “Seth will be a huge challenge, he’s a legend and so is Capes, but I’m up for it. I know the dangers, you just need to put that aside, prepare well and then go and get it done. I will have 30,000 people behind me and I am going to use the incredible energy of that crowd to help me get home.”

The Crusty Demons Night of World Records Promoter Michael Porra said that at least ten world records will be broken with the event being dubbed the greatest event in extreme sports history. To accommodate the record breaking attempts a new revolutionary one million dollar arena will be constructed at the Calder Park circuit, which will include the world’s biggest ever down ramp at 125 foot long and 60 foot high and wide. More than 30,000 tones of dirt will be used to build the arena, with more than 15, 000 tonnes of soil going into the construction of the down ramp.

“In the days when Evel Knievel attempted these types of stunts I bet he wished that he had the same kind of ramps as today. However the risks are still far greater when you think that guys will hit the take off ramp in fifth gear, pinned, at more than 120 KMPH and then launch themselves off a 26 foot long kicker catapulting them more than 70 feet in the air. I am sure someone will crack the impossible 300 foot barrier. That’s more than the length an entire football field… the thought of it just freaks me out”.

“We are spending more than one million dollars on the infrastructure to ensure that riders have the best set-up ever built. Spectators will witness history. In the 60’s Evel Knievel literally stopped the world jumping just over 100 feet. The guys will be jumping three times that distance. It’s the three best in the world going head to head, and with two American legends going against the young, brash Aussie risking all to take the title, this is going to be something else.”

To complement the record breaking component of the event, a full Crusty Demons freestyle motocross show will be presented by Rockstar Energy Drink and includes US freestyle stars world number one Nate Adams, 2007 X Games gold medallist Adam Jones, Mike Mason, along with Aussies Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams, Steve Mini, Matt Schubring, Joel Balchin and Cam Sinclair. For those who need a break from the heart stopping stunts a rock concert is also being planned with high profile Australian bands to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Over 30,000 people are expected to secure their seats for the revolutionary show with tickets for the event going on sale Monday 26 November at Other mind-blowing records up for grabs on the night include the world’s longest distance jump with a trick, longest distance jump on a mini bike, longest quad bike jump, longest distance jump on a road bike and longest distance jump on a snow mobile.

Since 1994 the Crusty Demons franchise has become a global industry, igniting the freestyle motocross revolution and expanding its reach of products including DVD’s and videos to more than 60 countries across the globe. During this time 14 major DVD releases have been launched making the Crusty brand the most successful action sports video of all time. The Crusty Demons live show concept was established in 2003 and is now considered to be one of the biggest touring acts of all time outselling most pop and rock acts to tour this country. In 2006 more than 300,000 tickets were sold in Australia alone, a phenomenal ticket sale record at the time. In total, ticket sales in Australia and New Zealand have reached 750,000 and grossed over AUD$50 million, with a further AUD$8 million in merchandise sales.

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