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beattie-goes-bush-bmw-gsEx 500GP star Daryl Beattie has made a set of videos of his recent desert BMW blast.


Daryl Beattie in the Desert

Daryl Beattie traded his MotoGP commentating day job for a blast through the sandy deserts of Victoria with BMW’s marketing main man Miles Davis and friends. You can find that story and pictures here.

Daryl has now assembled the footage they shot on the 700 km’s of sandy track in North Western Victoria and along the South Australian border into a nice little video of the adventure, which is broken into 3 parts for Youtube.

The videos feature some great high speed running through the Aussie bush, along with some deep sand riding, a bit of hillclimbing, with a few crashes thrown in for good measure. Daryl looks like – and states in the video – he had a great time.

Quick, someone lend us some GS1200 BMW’s.

Day One Video


Day Two Video


Day Three Video


Full Beattie and the BMW story with  Pictures

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