Hondas 700cc TRX ATV

2008 TRX700 Honda will release a new open-class sport ATV during 2008, the TRX700XX

 2008 TRX700

There’s a new open-class sport ATV from Honda that’s sending the competition into a tail spin: the all-new, all-conquering Honda TRX700XX. The TRX700XX redefines the class with a whole new level of confidence, comfort and high end performance.

The quad’s new 686cc SOHC liquid-cooled fuel-injected, four-valve, four-stroke engine generates the highest peak output in its class. Wrapped in an impressive chassis with double-wishbone Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) including tuned rear swaybar, this unique 4-wheeler also looks better than ever with new aggressive sports styling. The IRS system uses premium shock absorbers that allow a lighter, more compact package, all made possible by the innovative centered chain drive system. The TRX700 also features a PGM fuel injection system with 44mm throttle body for excellent cold weather starting, lower maintenance and consistent performance at high altitudes.

Its special, large-diameter 11-inch aluminium rear wheels are designed to enhance superior power delivery, optimum suspension action and improved durability. With a rugged five-speed transmission, including reverse, the 700’s components and ratios are specifically designed for competition use, whilst the heavy-duty clutch is also made to stand up to the demands of the sport. Additional features include a gear-driven counterbalancer to minimise engine vibration, closed crankcase vent system to safeguard against engine oil contamination, stainless steel muffler/spark arrester for quiet operation, high-efficiency dry-sump lubrication system for maximum engine cooling, and triple disc brakes for excellent stopping power.

Expected arrival date and retail price are still to be confirmed, however customers can expect to see the TRX700 in Australia around mid 2008.

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