Red Bull XRay 2010 FMX meets MX

redbull-xray-sThe Red Bull Xray 2010 was held at the Razorback Ranch in Picton NSW.

Image (c)Mark Watson/Red Bull Photofiles

2010 Red Bull Xray

The 2010 Red Bull Xray was held last weekend at the Razorback Ranch in Picton, New South Wales, Australia. 15,000 fans packed the free event.

The Red Bull XRay event is result of a Robbie Maddison idea, which could be described as FMX meets MX. The event had three components, a freestyle competition, followed by a race against MX riders. The final category is for the “Best Whip”.

Japanese rider Taka Higashino narrowly edged out Maddison for the freestyle win.

“Once again, this event has worked out so well and it’s unreal to so many of my hometown fans come out and cheer us on” said Maddison. “My wrist has been giving me a bit of grief and when Taka stepped it up for the final run, I knew I just had to give it everything I could. I’m happy though and here to ride another day.”

Gallery of pictures are here at Red Bull’s event page



1. Taka Higashino
2. Robbie Maddison
3. Brody Wilson
4. Cameron Sinclair
5. Robbie Marshall

Speed & Style:

1. Robbie Marshall
2. Taka Higashino
3. Dan McCoy
4. Tye Simmonds
E5.Cameron Sinclair
E5.Lawson Bopping
E5.Luke Stykes
E5.Lewis Woods

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