Robbie Madison drops in on Crustys

robbie-madison-drop-in-sScared of heights? Then don’t look at these pictures of Robbie Maddison dropping 70 feet off a suspended platform on his YZ250 at the Sydney Crusty Demons show!

Robbie Maddison has thrilled fans at the Crusty Demons Thirst for Destuction tour finale, landing the world’s first in-door drop-in at Sydney’s Acer Arena last night. Maddison launched his Yamaha YZ250F off a platform suspended a gut churning 70 feet above the floor of the arena to land the bike on a specially built landing ramp. The  jump was witnessed by over 10,000 fans.

“I am just so pumped after last night,” Maddison said. “This tour has been amazing and I was stoked to be able to finish it with the drop-in. We took the show in a new direction and showcased some of the best riders from around the world. While we will all head back to our home bases for Christmas we are already working on some wilder ideas for the next tour.”

Scroll down to check out the awesome pics, and try to imagine what the first second of that drop felt like!



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