Promote your Brand on is among the very small group of motorcycle websites in Australia, whose primary function is not a user forum, or “used motorcycles for sale” ads site. We have a large readership base (figures on request) which is rapidly growing on our way to our goal of being the Number One destination for motorcyclists in Australia.

As such, our readers visit to read articles, and seek opinion, facts and specifications often in an attempt to finalise a buying decision.  Not to look for a private sale used motorcycle. Nor is our “readership count” made up of basically the same group of people constantly visiting the site to participate in a discussion forum.

We run a diverse range of content, from road bike tests, to latest motorcycle news, and coverage of motorcycle sports as diverse as stunting and drag racing. Along with the usual range of press releases and major event results.

Our articles are filled with large high quality images, and easy to read information. Picture galleries are provided for race events, expos, and model reviews.

Methods of promoting your brand on

1. Send us a press release.

If you have a newsworthy article, or images that are not just blatant advertising, we would be happy to consider it for publication. Please email any releases to: We prefer releases with photographic content attached, our statistics show that our readers lose interest if there are no pretty pictures.

2. Providing your products on loan for review by

Possibly the best way to advertise on, firstly because it is free and means your product will receive professional coverage, and secondly as Motoaus  produces attractive articles with large clear images.

Have a look through our Test Rides section, as an example of the type of article Motoaus produces.

3. Advertising on

Available in various sizes site wide, banners can be either graphical images, or text, and may be linked to either your website, or a larger “article” style advertisement on

Standard Banners. has two sizes of standard banners, a large 728 x 90 banner, as seen above every page, and a 468 x 60 which can be seen inside articles, either top or bottom. Motoaus can provide geographical targeting if you so wish, so only readers in a certain area, ie Victoria, or only Queensland, will see your ad.

Block Ads. Each page has left and right side bar in which  a  block banner, or syscraper, as the tall ones are called, can be inserted. Again these can be controlled so they show in all of the site, or only certain sections, for example, Drag Racing only, or Latest News, as well as geographical targeting ie NSW only, or All of Australia only.

Sizes range from small button ads, of 120 x 90 up to the skyscraper size of 160 x 600.

Site or Partial Site Sponsorship.

Become a major partner with for the best coverage of your brand.

for further detail

Ad size spaces available are shown below in yellow.




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