Top 5 Motorcycle Head Accessories

number1We show you the Top 5 things you could put on your head to raise your level of awesomeness. Or not.

The Top 5* things you can put on your head whilst riding.

It’s worth mentioning that some, if not all off these head or helmet accessories may not be legal in Australia for road usage. We also provide no warranty as to the level of awesomeness actually attained – or not attained – by the use of said head enhancers.

Safety is a whole other issue.

. A furry monster head Helmet cover. Available in a range of colours, red would make you look like a speeding Elmo. Not sure if they have matching furry suits.




These were from a Tasmanian ! Ebay seller


4. A Stretchy helmet cover, with matching visor sticker. All kinds of designs available in these, this one here will make you look like a cartoonish woman. If that doesn’t work for you, may we recommend the pig?

These and many more were at SkullSkins


3. A neoprene face mask. The one on the left may not be much use if you already look like that, but the clown mask would be ideal for roaming both the streets on your bike, and the sewers.

Many designs available, our suggestion would be to pick one that improves your look.

These were from IronHorseHelmets


2. This is actually a helmet, made from real skulls of sweatshop workers who died whilst making normal helmets.

Just kidding, I think its plastic, and I also think you would get a ticket here for wearing it. Not for looking too awesome, but because it doesn’t have the 5 ticks Australian Standards sticker.

Available (maybe) here: Skull Helmet.


Winner! What better than a faux metal helmet cover with horns? And spikes! Ok, actually having a moustache like that would be better, and a chiseled jaw line. Again, I’m not feeling the 5 ticks for road use.

Would also be great for charging at people in a fit of road rage. Well they could be if they weren’t made of latex rubber.

Found these on Ebay

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