4 Uses for Last Years MotoGP Bike

riz-chopper-sWe look at 4 possible uses for superceded MotoGP machines.

Each year, factories produce new MotoGP bikes, and the old ones are supposedly scrapped. We’re thinking, a better use of resources might be to use some of the moulds and dies, put the tooling to use, and produce some limited edition models of various motorcycling genres.

It’s well known that Motoaus love Suzuki’s, but lets be honest, it’s been a while since the GSV-R has won a race. But we don’t want to dwell on the negatives, rather let’s look at what awesome machines Suzuki could make using the GSV-R as a base.

The Drag Bike

Not much of a stretch here – well a small one in the swingarm – and some lowering. With its awesome power, and light weight, plus the traction and wheelie control electronics, the GSV-R Dragbike would be an easy 8 second runner at the dragstrip. Not sure if Suzuki could get it under 20 grand RRP though.


The Muscle Bike

The G-King would have more power than a B King, and weigh over 100 kilograms less. There was no point fitting the big trumpet mufflers, as everyone takes them off anyway. Wheelie control could be set at 90 degrees. The small screen should help with wind drag at 320 plus.


The Cruiser

The only thing wrong with cruisers is they aren’t fast enough. The Riz Cruiser would be. Tap into that 250 horsepower on the boulevard, and light up that big 200 rear tyre. Better keep the spokes checked though. That megaphone is straight through, and tuned to resonate at 16,500 rpm.


The Adventure Bike

No more soft 80kmh speeds on the trails now. The G-Strom could blast through the country side at warp speed. The traction control would come in handy, and the convenient panniers could house extra fuel, stretching the range out to nearly 90 kilometers – but at 280 kilometers per hour, with a 6 foot high rooster tail of gravel. Now that really would be an adventure.


*In case you are wondering, no we are not serious!

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