Collectible Motorcycles from the 90s

collectible-90s-motorcycles-sWhich motorcycles from the 1990’s might become future collectors items?

collectible-90s-motorcycles-sAlready the prices of certain 70’s and 80’s motorcycles are on the rise, as collectors seek to gather some future profit, or others seek to reclaim their youth. It’s not uncommon to see older Japanese motorcycles with asking prices north of 20,000 dollars.

Because of this, there are no longer bargain Z1 Kawasakis, or cheap Suzuki GS1000S project bikes filling the classifieds. So what’s a hoarder of old bikes to do? Look no further than the 90s, which is now 2 decades ago.

Think of the nineties and you may be thinking, Happy Pants, Seinfeld, the birth of the Internet, and the rise of the Mobile Phone, or perhaps just some Nirvana tunes. I prefer to think of the rise of World Superbike racing, the era of Mick Doohan in the GP series, and a smorgasbord of sometimes pastel coloured race replica bikes from Japan.

What makes a motorcycle collectible? Usually it’s because the machine is a very rare model, perhaps a race homologation special, or a limited run, like a “John Player Special”, or a “Senna.”

But often it isn’t a low production model that becomes a collector favorite, even the big sellers can become valuable due to either most being modified beyond repair, or wrecked in large numbers when they reach a low point in value, usually when they are around 10 years old. Take the CB750 Honda as an example.

We thought we’d put together a list of bikes that may become highly sought after, and worth a place in the shed for the future. Some are already getting hard to find, and fetching reasonable prices. Please add your picks or suggestions in the comment section below.

So – in no particular order – we present some 90’s bikes that might be “Collectible Bikes from the 90’s”


Suzuki GSX-R750

The mighty GSX-R750 surely deserves a place, already the first model from the 80s is sought after. This 96 “SRAD” represents a entirely new bike in the range, and fought out many a World Superbike race. Plenty around, but not too many good ones left.



Kawasaki ZXR750-ZX-7R-Ninja

The motorcycle considered the best looking Japanese sportsbike ever – the bold face of 90’s pastel fever – the mighty Kawasaki ZX-7R. This ’96 model is in our opinion the pick, but all the 750 Kawasaki Ninjas are beauties. Factor in Anthony Gobert, Scott Russell and Aaron Slight backing these into corners all over the globe in World Superbike, and you’re guaranteed folks will be wanting this bike in years to come.



Ducati 916

The Kawasaki 750 might get a nod as the best looking Japanese sports bike, but the best ever looking bike/superbike/sportsbike pick often goes to the gorgeous Ducati 916. The Tamburini designed V-twin re-wrote the rules in 1994, and jumped to the top of everyones dream bike list, along with a total domination of World Superbike with everyone’s favorite Brit, Carl Fogarty. These aren’t cheap now, and never will be.



Suzuki RGV250

When you think of race replicas, one bike near the top of the list is the Suzuki RGV250, which was produced from the late 80’s, till the late 90’s. The early Pepsi Suzuki livery echos Kevin Schwantz in 500GP glory, while the later models were extensively used in perhaps Australia’s greastest ever production race series, the “250 Proddies.”

The list of Aussie racers who competed in this class reads like an Australian Racing Who’s Who. Add to the mix this bike being the favorite choice of boy racers everywhere wanting to beat the LAMS license laws at the time, and you don’t see too many unmolested examples any more.



Aprilia RS250

Aprilia jumped into the game, building a bike based on a modified Suzuki RGV250 motor, the Aprilia RS250. It stopped, went, and handled even better. There weren’t as many produced as the Suzuki, and most subsequently saw race track duty. Hard to find an original example already.



Triumph Speed Triple

Just so we don’t only include sportsbikes, this one’s half a chance to be a collectible. Triumph took the bad boy streetfighter and made it mainstream. Although the first Speed Triple pre-dated the 97 model shown above, its single headlight makes it less iconic than the later model, with the “bug eye” lights.


1998 Yamaha YZ400F Motocross

Already motocross bikes from the 70s and 80s have become collectable, and in reality, given the use a MX bike is put to, any pristine example could be worth money. The YZ400F was a game changer, which signalled the demise of the two stroke. Finding a perfect example of one of these will be the challenge, how could you buy one and not ride it.



1998 Yamaha R1

Just as the YZ400F from Yamaha changed motocross, another tuning fork branded bike shattered perceptions of what a sportsbike could be. The R1 was a jaw dropper, and THE bike to have on a Sunday ride, or at a track day.

Over ten years later, the 1998 R1 still looks ready to inspire fear into the weak, and highside the foolish. Many early R1’s have suffered the cruel hand of the amateur “restyler”, and had the resultant polishing, chroming, and harlequin paint horror inflicted. White and red models will probably be the colour to have.



1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

Although this list isn’t ranked in any order, when it comes to mass market models, this one is in our opinion the most likely to eventually become very valuable. The 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R was touted as the fastest production bike on the planet.

Only the first models came in this two tone “copper” scheme, and featured a conversation starting 340 k/mh speedo calibration. There are plenty of Hayabusas around, but as a favorite of both drag racers, and hunted for the engine for use in mini race cars and buggies the Busa will eventually be on the endangered list. Plus with its massive speed, average handling, and “just good enough” brakes, plenty of Suzuki’s bird of prey have been rubber side up, ensuring the 1999 Hayabusa should be one to watch.

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