FotoChop Foolishness -The R Strom.

r-strom-fotochopWe bring you another pointless photochop. This time it’s the R-Strom.


Suzuki’s V-Strom DL650 is indeed an unusual looking machine. Looking at one the other day, it was remarked that it would look better lowered.

So, we bring you a modified DL 650, the unfortunately named R Strom. Given that the word “Strom” means “wind” in German, R-Strom is a name that looks good on the fairing, but shouldn’t be spoken aloud.

The examples below imagine the DL650 with a sprinkling of GSX-R graphics, and dropped down low onto its R bellypan. Make of this what you will.


r-stromClicking on the image will open a larger version

The RR-Strom

The second example goes one step further, adding the GSX-Rs wheels and suspension, and the titanium muffler.


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