Japanese Toilet Bike is Powered by Gas

A Japanese company has made a biogas powered “Toilet Bike”
Japanese “Toilet Bike”
Anyone who has been to Japan knows they have some pretty fancy toilets. Heated water sprays, hot air jets, you name it.

Now Japanese plumbing company Toto have gone one step further and created a toilet bike/trike. Although some may say this basic concept has in fact been trialed at various times by the Big 4 motorcycle manufacturers in Japan, this one is specifically designed to showcase both their range of toilet fittings, and alternative fuels.

The bluntly named “Toilet Bike” is powered by Bio Gas. Sadly, the gas is not provided by the rider on the move, rather gas produced from “compressed livestock waste and household waste water”. Sounds tasty.

So far we have resisted the use of puns, butt feel free to use the comment section though. Below is a video promoting the “Toilet Bike” from Toto

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