Stefan Dennis in Thunderbirds are Go.

thunderbird-sLong time Neighbours star buys a Triumph Thunderbird, and it’s gonna make him feel good.

Stefan Dennis who plays Paul Robinson in the TV series Neighbours recently purchased a new Triumph Thunderbird.

Stefan appeared on Neighbours from 1985-1993,  returned to Neighbours in 2004,  and is still currently appearing on the show. We know this because the Triumph press release says so, not because we watch it. Although lots of people do. He is apparently the only current cast member who appeared in the very first episode, and is one of the longest serving cast members on the show.

Stefan is pictured taking delivery of his new Thunderbird, fitted with a Sissy Bar, back rest and rack combination along with Shorty pipes, at Peter Stevens Motorcycles in Ringwood, Victoria.

Here’s his second finest moment,  his 1989 single “Don’t It Make You Feel Good”, which reached No. 16 in the UK charts. Enjoy.

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