Love Speed and Loss

kim-newcombe-sLove, Speed and Loss. Beautifully made short film about Kiwi GP racer Kim Newcombe and the Konig.

kim-newcombe-sUnless you are a hardcore motorcycle racing fan, you probably don’t know the name Kim Newcombe. After you watch this short film. you will probably never forget him. His story is an amazing tale of underdog ingenuity, taking an outboard boat engine all the way to the top in GP racing, a World Championship within reach.

A beautifully produced short film from New Zealand, Love, Speed and Loss is a documentary about a dream that turned to tragedy. Compiled from footage taken by Kims wife Janeen during his career, and later interviews by the film makers, the ending is sure to leave you with a heavy heart. None the less, well worth watching, one of the best motorcycle racing documentarys that I have seen.

Love, Speed and Loss won Best Documentary at the 2007 Qantas TV Awards as well as Best Documentary, Directing and Editing at the Air NZ Screen Awards.

The film is split into 4 parts, the 2nd will play after the first ends. Allow around 80 minutes to watch the whole film.

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