VOTW – Best Fake Motorcycle Crash Ever

motorcycle-crash-video-sVideo of the Week – Is this the best fake motorcycle crash ever staged for an advert?   You decide.


Video of the Week – Motorcycle Crash – sort of.

This weeks video features a hilariously bad faked motorcycle crash. GSX1400 riders everywhere are cringing.

It may well be worth watching if you are planning some type of fake insurance claim scam though, do three or four of these a day and you could be in the money. Maybe pick cars that look expensive.

The video is an advert for an airbag jacket that inflates when the cable you attach to the motorcycle disconnects, but you better not forget to deactivate that before you get off the bike at the coffee shop, or hilarity will ensue.


Note: If you are the person who made this video, and you feel offended, we’re only joking, honest! 😉

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