238 Kmh Buell on Ice

Stuntman Craig Jones and Buell combine to push an 1125Rto 238km/h – on ice!

Following up from a spectacular photoshoot from stunter Craig Jones last year, Buell sent him and an 1125R back to a frozen lake to see how fast a motorcycle would go on ice.

In temperatures of -10 celcius on the frozen Lake Dellen in Switzerland Jones put the modified Buell to the test down a path across the ice

The modified Buell 1125R was fitted with a 50hp nitous oxide boost, and 20mm spikes on the tyres.

After several trial runs, Jones hit an incredible 238km/h (148mph) on the frozen lake, separated from the icy waters beneath by a thin icy crust.

All images are copyright Buell, with a Youtube video below.

More images available at Buell’s “Extreme” site, along with images of Jones earlier wheelies and stoppies on the ice.



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