Hayabusa for India

hayabusa india Suzuki have announced they will be adding the Hayabusa to their lineup in India later this year. In a country more known for poor and crowded roads, the 1340cc, 186mph flagship will command a price fit for a king, with duties pushing the expected retail price to around $26,000 AUD.

“We will launch the bike in the first week of September,” said Atul Gupta, vice-president of sales and marketing, Suzuki Motorcycle India. “The demand for big bikes is actually more of a hype."

 “India is not the place for these bikes. We don’t have the roads like they have in developed countries for them and it is not fun to ride them at say 70 km per hour,” Gupta said. “We are nevertheless launching the Hayabusa because it will showcase our strength as a bike manufacturer. "

Pics of the 08 Hayabusa

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