Rapid Bikes Magazine ads 2 New Titles

knee-down-rapid-sRapid Bikes Magazine have announced two new quarterly magazine titles – “Knee Down” and “Used & Classic Bike Enthusiast”.


2 New Aussie Bike Mags set for release.

JP Media Pty Ltd, publishers of Rapid Bikes Magazine, have announced two new quarterly motorcycle titles – Used & Classic Bike Enthusiast and Knee Down Magazine – both due to go on sale in December.

Used & Classic Bike Enthusiast

A magazine for the avid 1970s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s motorcycle enthusiast, owner, restorer and collector. It’s all about the bikes – with restoration build features on classics such as the iconic 1985 GSXR750F, the wild Suzuki RG500 or RZ500, Kawasaki Triples and Zs and off road bikes like the mighty XT500, Used & Classic Bike Enthusiast will grow to become a must have reference tool for any retro bike owner.

Technical articles, tool reviews, restored bike features, purchasing tips, club listings, swap meets, buyer’s guides and lots of retro staff bike builds will make Used & Classic Bike Enthusiast the first magazine of its kind in Australia and, like Rapid Bikes did with the modified bike market, fill a niche and give Australian and NZ retro bike owners a place to display their pride and joy and a magazine to communicate with fellow enthusiasts.

Knee Down Magazine

A magazine purely dedicated to the racetrack enthusiast. The first of its kind in the world, Knee Down Magazine will fill a gap in motorcycle publishing for ride day punters, riding school enthusiasts and road racers. Knee Down will be focused entirely on track days, education, club & National road racing, racetracks, set up tips. ‘How To’ guides from experts in the field will help beginners get started in this growing segment of motorcycling.

Police presence is getting higher on our roads as speed limits drop. Sportsbikes become even more powerful and better handling. As a result, riders are adapting to the modern version of a ‘Sunday Scratch’ – attending track days. Track days require preparation and advice.

Knee Down Magazine will help provide this while creating a community of track enthusiasts. Sections like “On Any Track Day” will give punters the chance to have their picture in the magazine. “The Gear” will showcase all of the latest in safety riding gear and equipment including tyres, brakes, suspension and crash protection. There is a Getting Started section and plenty of features on education.

There is also a lot of content for the experts, with tests of track bikes from ride day machines to the current MotoGP, World Superbikes and Supersport Machines. A highly technical content on set-up and track tips is handled by two times World Champion Andrew Pitt, suspension experts Terry Hay and Jim Gunn, and riding coach Steve Brouggy. All editorial staff are active racers and ride day enthusiasts.

Both magazines will be available in all major retail outlets in Australia and NZ in December.


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