Seth vs Death

Video of Seth Enslows latest Harley jump.

Seth vs Death

Motocross legend and crazy stunt rider, Seth Enslow, is performing freestyle jumps on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as part of the  Crusty Demons ‘Beyond the Apocalypse’ capital city tour.

The unlikely stunt will be performed on a customised XR1200; the modern day incarnation of Evel Knievel’s motorcycle, the XR750. True to the craziness of the Evel Knievel stunt genre, which has all but subsided with the prominent use of dirt bikes, Seth’s jump defies the current trend in motocross.

Seth Enslow, Harley-Davidson enthusiast said:  “Harley’s simply aren’t known for their ability to jump. But the XR1200 is not what you’d expect. I’ve been doing practice distance jumps on it for a while now and the motorcycle has some serious torque. Even with the short run up of most arenas, this XR1200 is going to fly”

Following video courtesy of Harley-Davidson Australia’s new YouTube channel :

Harley-Davidson Australia’s Marketing Manager, Adrian O’Donoughue, said: “Seth is the perfect man for this insane job. The bike we’ve built for him looks like the love child of a monster truck and an XR1200. With his history of crazy stunts, long distance jumps, and lack of fear he is definitely the right stunt rider to leap on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle”.

Seth will continue his freestyle jumps on the XR1200 beyond the Crusty Demons tour and break the current world record for a long distance jump on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in late 2009. The current world record is currently held by Bubba Blackwell, who completed a distance jump of 47.8 metres on a Harley-Davidson in 2008. The XR1200 has been customised specifically for the landing required of a distance jump, both the front and rear suspension systems have been extended and reinforced to absorb a heavier load landing from 40 feet in the air.



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