Unit tackles Swine Flu

swine-flu-unit-sWorried about Swine Flu? Here’s the answer.


Unit Clothing has launched a range of masks designed to protect scantily clad women in meat storage facilities. Here’s the release from Unit Clothing:

Australia’s fastest growing action sports label, Unit Clothing is teetering on the edge of controversy once more following the launch of a campaign to promote its ‘Age of Panic’ theme.
Unit has released its own range of face masks and respirators in an effort to combat the global threat of swine flu.

Unit Creative Director, Paul Everest said the concept built upon growing unrest surrounding the virus.

“2009 has seen us truly enter ‘The Age of Panic’,” said Everest. “Our range is influenced by our surroundings and society’s progression – face masks and respirators are the next logical step. “We are living in perhaps the most incredible time of human existence – financial crises, terrorism threats, superpowers crumbling, fossil fuel warfare, prescription drug empires, global warming, separate internet realities and now the very real threat of a global pandemic. Reality is hard-hitting and so are our campaigns – this is no exception. Unit is ensuring we are well prepared for what may lay around the corner, and our core consumers will look great doing it.”

The action sports brand’s ‘Lay flat’ face masks retail for $14.95, while the coloured ‘H1′ respirators are $79.95. The products are readily available from www.unitriders.com




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