2009 TTXGP Electric Bike GP

ttxgp-sThe TTXGP 2009, the first electric bike TT, was won by Team Agni.

June 12, 2009, Isle of Man

The world’s first TT with only zero emission motorcycles was run on June 12, 2009. The winning electric bike, a converted GSX-R Suzuki chassied racer, managed an 87 mph average speed around the Isle of Man TT course.

In the BEST BUY PRO Class, UK/India-based team Agni with rider Rob Barber secured first place with a time of 25mins 53secs and an average speed of 87.434mph. In the OPEN class US based electric motorsport secured the win with rider Chris Heath secured first place with a time of 34mins 17secs and an average speed of 66.022 mph.

Second and third place in the BEST BUY PRO Class were secured by the German XXL Racing Team with rider Thomas Schoenfelder (time: 29mins 04secs/average speed 77.841mph) and the US-based Brammo Bike with rider Mark Buckley (time: 30mins 2secs/average speed: 75.350mph), respectively.

In the OPEN Class, second and third places were secured by US based Barefoot Motors with rider Chris Petty (time: 36mins 23secs/average speed: 62.219mph) and team TORK from India with rider John Crellin (37mins 26secs/average speed: 60.475mph).

Full race results


Pos 1 AGNI X01 (Rob Barber) – Time: 25:53:50 – Speed: 87.434

Pos 2 XXL Racing Team (Thomas Schoenfelder) – Time: 29:04:93 – Speed: 77.841

Pos 3 Brammo (Mark Buckley) – Time: 30:02:64 – Speed: 75.350

Pos 4 Mission Motors (Thomas Montano) – Time: 30:33:26 – Speed: 74.091

Pos 5 HTBlauva (Paul Dobbs) – Time: 36.10.63 – Speed: 62.575

Pos 6 Brunel X-team (Stephen Harper) – Time: 56:27:89 – Speed: 40.092

OPEN Class

Pos 1 Electric Motorsport (Chris Heath) – Time: 34:17:30 – Speed: 66.022

Pos 2 Barefoot Motors (Chris Petty) – Time: 36:23:06 – Speed: 62.219

Pos 3 TORK (John Crellin) – Time: 37:26:01 – Speed: 60.475

(Speed=Average speed)

Azhar Hussain, founder of the TTXGP, said: “Today represents the culmination of an incredibly long journey to the world’s first zero carbon eGrandPrix. The teams, riders and all those involved in making this event possible have worked tirelessly to make the TTXGP the reality it has become today. Together we have proved that zero carbon transport technology has the capability to thrill motor racing fans and is ready for application in the real world.”

Simon Maddison, Chairman IET Technical Panel, who are technical advisors to TTXGP, said, “It’s been a long road to get us to the starting line. No-one could have imagined how the journey would be – 10 months of hard work from our panel but the equivalent of 20 months input from the teams. Everyone who has made it to the Isle of Man has to be congratulated – it has really re-created the pioneering spirit of the TT. To say, it has been a historic moment would be an understatement. To say, it is watching the technology of the future is a statement.”




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