Casey Stoner Drives a Vodafone V8 Supercar

stoner-vodafone-sCasey Stoner joins the line of motorcycle racers who have test driven a V8 Supercar.


Casey Stoner drives V8 Supercar

Casey Stoner has joined the likes of Troy Bayliss and Chad Reed, with a test drive in Craig Lowndes Vodafone V8 Supercar.

Stoner completed about 90 laps at the Driving Centre, Norwell circuit in Queensland. Rather than let Stoner use a spare car, Vodafone opted to put the current MotoGP World Champ into the car that Craig Lowndes raced the week before.

“With everything I am learning to day, I have to forget everything I know about bikes and change to learn to drive these, and it is the same thing going from cars to bikes. It’s something I have wanted to do since I was quite young actually and the opportunity to finally get in one and have a go is something pretty special to me.” Stoner said.

“I am surprised at how well they absorb the kerbs, they are still going to be a stiff race machine but they do absorb the bumps pretty well and of course the power is still there. We have to deal with a fair bit of power myself.”


“The hardest thing I have had to do is change whatever I know about braking and changing through gears. I am having to rethink it again. I didn’t expect to be in Craig’s actual race car. To be behind the wheel of something that won a race a few weeks ago is very special and I appreciate it.”

Vodafone team principal Roland Dane was impressed with Stoner’s drive.

“I see no reason at all why Casey shouldn’t be very competitive in a V8 Supercar. When you have spent most of your life away, chasing your dreams you have to work pretty hard at it. I think Casey has developed a steely determination to succeed at anything he does. It is in his hands if he wants to drive a V8 Supercar one day I suspect he will end up doing it.”



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