Krusty gets to feel the real power of the Fireblade for the first time

Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson will ride his new 2007 Fireblade with more power than ever next year as DVS welcome Power Commander to the family in an effort to assist Krusty win back the Australian Superbike Championship.


“I am really happy that we have the support of Power Commander next year, we have long believed that these products are far and away the easiest way to gain instant power and optimum performance and given that the Honda Fireblade is such a wonderfully balanced piece of engineering it only supports the great gear we already have in our arsenal”, said James Murray-Parkes, Team Co-Owner.


DVS Honda have been utilizing Power Commander in their day to day business for the past two years and believe it to be an integral part of what is required to win races.

Power Commanders are available from most major motorcycle retailers and should only ever be mapped by an authorized Tuning Centre which can be found Australia wide by logging onto and then go to tuning centers located at the bottom on the home page.

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