Krusty sticks to the superbikes for 2007


Oleon Blade

Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson and his team have decided to only contest the Superbikes next year. The team and Krusty are said to be delighted with the decision to maintain a focus on one category.

“I was initially the driving force behind running both 600 and 1000’s but after talking to my family and the team, I felt this was slightly premature for my new company to be taking on so much, especially when we have a shock to develop, so the decision was pretty simple and Honda, Oleon and Michelin have been really good about our change of heart, these guys are always behind what I do and I am thankful for the way in which they are letting me make my own decisions ”, said Adam Fergusson. 

DVS Honda and Adam Fergusson will use Michelin rubber next year and are extremely confident with the products being made available to them.

“With an association with Michelin as strong as mine, built here in Australia over the last three seasons, and given that this is my team, it was very unlikely that I would ever change, that’s how it works with me, I like to think I am a loyal person when it comes to people and brands that support me in my career”, said Adam Fergusson.

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