Statement from Jamie Stauffer

Image Statement from Jamie Stauffer

The below statement is on behalf of multiple Australian Superbike and Supersport Champion Jamie Stauffer and his wife Emma.

Image“Just over two weeks ago our world was turned upside down when out our beautiful six year old son Max was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia. We have been advised this is the most common form of leukaemia in children and he is in the standard range, which if there is a best option in this situation then this is it,” said Stauffer.

“Max has commenced daily treatment at home as well as two days per week of chemotherapy at the John Hunter Hospital and seems to be responding well at this stage. “We urge all parents to be aware of the signs as we only took Max to doctor as a precaution as he seemed to be bruising very easily, we like many other parents thought Max was suffering from normal playground casualties".

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at John Hunter Hospital who are just tremendous and have given our family so much support in this short time. We also urge people to show their support by joining the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’. The race track can be a tough environment but the road that lies ahead for Max is a lot tougher and I will be racing this year with the knowledge that seeing me win is what is going to spur Max on in his fight ahead.”

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