2011 Kawasaki W800 Full Details Pictures and Video

2011-kawasaki-w800-sFull details, pictures and even a video on the new 2011 Retro, the Kawasaki W800.

Kawasaki W800

The retro Kawasaki W800 twin is headed for Australia early next year. Due here in the first quarter of 2011, the W800 details and pictures have now been released after the bikes international unveiling at the Cologne show.

Compared to most press releases these days, there is not a lot of hype to the W800 technology wise, just how “retro” this bike is becomes apparent when you notice it has a rear drum brake.

Based on the smaller W400 and 650 models which have been popular bikes for modifiers all over the world, the W800 does have some concession to current day technology.



The 773cc air cooled twin features fuel injection and 4 valves per cylinder. The 360 degree crank also runs a balance shaft, although purists may be upset there is no kickstarter. Gearbox is a five speed. And inside those old school peashooter mufflers reside the now standard catalytic converter.

w800-drumChassis-wise the W800 features a box section steel backbone frame, with tubular downtubes. Suspension is basic as you would expect, the only adjustment is the rear spring preload. Rims are aluminium rather than steel, the front features 39mm standard forks and a single 300mm disc on a 19 inch wheel.To preserve the retro look the rear 18 “wheel is braked by a 160mm drum.

Even the tyres are retro, with Dunlop’s famous TT100 treads front and rear -130/80 rear, and 110/90 front. Kawasaki state the large front wheel “contributes an unhurried steering feeling”. You can interpret that however you like.

The press release states a curb weight of 216kg, which is pretty good if that is in fact a genuine curb – wet- weight.


w800-master-cylFeatures wise, the twin round instruments have an analogue speedo and tacho. The speedo has a small inset LCD screen with the odometer, tripmeter, and a clock. The tacho sports a brace of warning lights for FI warning, turn signals, low fuel, high beam, neutral and oil pressure.

The steel tank with its rubber knee pads holds 14 litres. Colour-wise, the W800 looks like it will only be available – at least at first – in the dark green and silver shceme shown here, and at this stage we cannot confirm a retail price.

As previously mentioned, Kawasaki Australia are predicting a first quarter of 2011 arrival in Oz.

We imagine this will be a popular basis for all kinds of customisation, with a street tracker version already on display at the Intemot show in Cologne from German firm LSL.


Kawasaki have also released a short stylish video on the W800, shot in London, which may or may not reflect your desired self image.

Kawasaki W800 Video



Kawasaki W800 Specifications



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