Aprilia RSV4 SE APRC – Special Edition with Traction Control

aprilia-rsv4-aprc-se-sAprilia have a new Special Edition RSV4 on the way, with Traction Control and a host of other refinements.

Aprilia RSV4 Factory SE APRC

Aprilia have announced details on a new special edition RSV4 Factory, APRC SE.

With all the attention given in the last few weeks going to Kawasaki’s marketing triumph launching their new World Superbike contender, Aprilia would be justified in perhaps feeling a little miffed that the SE RSV4 APRC hasn’t got a bit more attention. After all, while Team Green may be releasing a contender, Aprilia and the RSV4 are the current champions of WSBK.

The biggest news is the traction control which will be standard on the RSV4 for 2011, and is far more than a simple “cut a cylinder if the tyre spins” deal. According to Aprilia’s press release, the APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) not only controls traction, but has different settings for different tyres fitted. Aprilia say the system “learns” the tyre radius – and subsequent gearing difference – and fine tunes the system accordingly.

8 different settings are available, which are switchable on the fly from a left thumb operated “joystick” (see pic) Included in the electonic control package is: Wheelie Control with three settings,  Launch Control with 3 settings, and a Quick Shifter, for shifting without closing the throttle or using the clutch.


The launch and wheelie control options sound pretty good for the stop light racers, with Aprilia stating that the launch control works by “applying full power to the road to assist the rider in this critical moment of the race. All the rider needs to do is give full throttle and release the clutch as he normally would and shift gears” and then the Wheelie control “is able to ‘tell’ when a wheelie begins and ends and kicks in to smoothen wheel contact with the road. Smooth, soft wheelie management avoid harsh power cuts or pick-up, providing perfect acceleration control.”

The quick shift works on the principle of retarding the ignition rather than killing it, and the amount of kill time is altered depending on how many rpm’s the bike is shifted at. The instruments also feature a race or road display mode.

Apart from this very capable sounding electronics package, the RSV4 Factory SE gets Ohlins suspension front and rear, and an Ohlins steering damper. Gearbox ratios are closer, the oiling system has improvements, and a new exhaust is used.

A fat 200/55 dual compound Pirelli graces the rear rim, and appearance is enhanced with a splashing of carbon parts, and a tip of the hat to Max’s achievements with little bit of the Italian style race livery on the belly pan, along with the usual stickers to identify your investment as superior to lesser RSV4s.

We recently rode both the RSV4 Factory, and reviewed the RSV4-R,  and came away shaking with excitement. This new SE model raises the bar a little higher again.


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